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Sammy - Watkins (Sammy Watkins), was born on June 14, 1993, height 1.85 meters, weight 93 kilograms, outside, was born in fort myers, Florida at clemson university, his cheap jerseys made in China.


Watkins, a high school diploma when invited by many universities, but eventually he chose clemson university of Florida. Although did not attend spring training with his cheap football jerseys, he was in his freshman season to hand over a satisfactory answer, at the university of the first season he had 82 times the ball 1219 yards propulsion and 12 touchdown, including against defending champion auburn university 10 times the ball 155 yards in advance and 2 touchdown. Present all the yards, advance the total yards and touchdown on the three data leading rugby team in colleges and universities across the United States. Seven cheap jerseys games in the season only after he broke the 11 new history records, including previously by c. j., total advance yardage record kept. He also was the all-american, fourth in history in a freshman season has players, the previous three was herschel, - walker, Marshall - falk and Adrian - peterson. Originally he was American football journalists association in the new team.


Watkins, a sophomore season there are 57 times advance and three touchdown ball 708 yards, 101 junior season in and 12 touchdown ball 1464 yards. On this year's cheap jerseys orange bowl, boosting his 16 times to catch 227 yards, create a new record of the event, was named on the spot, the MVP of the game. His university career the ball 240 times also created the history of the school team.


In January of this year, Watkins renounced his senior season, directly take part in the NFL draft in 2014.